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Need Help To Finish This

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Posted 11 August 2022 - 10:55 AM

Thanks iUN for your response.  I am now at 5mg lexapro for about ten days after a week at 2.5mg.  Some things seem to be settling but sleep is absolute torture still. Fall asleep about 930, wake up about 11 and if still lying there awake by 1230 or 1 am, I have to resort to a trazodone to fall back asleep but only get about 2 or 3 more hours.  Since starting lexapro I have needed the trazodone most nights to get some sleep. Hoping it settles soon.  I have been very slowly reducing the MMJ along the way, the bedtime gummy I’ve been taking for years now has been reduced to a weight of 1.3 grams, it was originally about 4grams.  The 1.3 gram is probably a dose of about 7cbd/3.5 THC.  I’ve only been reducing by about .01 every day or every other day.  

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Posted 14 August 2022 - 03:44 PM

Hi Mimi...


My apologies if you had tried to reach me by PM - I didn't realise that my inbox had hit its quota so it was maxed out at 100%. But it should be ok now for a while.


I am so sorry to hear about your continuing sleep issues. That REALLY sucks. I will never forget those days. It was amazing that a lot of persistence in meditation, along with what was then KSM-66, and it got me to a better place. However, my issue was more situational rather than neurological as is your own issue. 


So as you have been reducing the MMJ, has the sleep maintained as the Lex kicks in? Or has it got worse?


There is no harm in maintaining the MMJ. 3.5THC is such a small dose!! It is becoming more and more used as a means to replace conventional methods - much like a lot of other such substances which have been used since the dawn of time. 


I won't underestimate what advances have been made in the last 60 years, but let's not forget that it was only a similar sort of time when the greatest minds thought that a frontal lobotomy was the way forward!!!


Please keep me updated



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Posted 17 August 2022 - 07:10 AM

Hey iUN 

, so nice to hear from you

I’ve upped the lexapro to 7.5 four days ago and feeling the startup effects again.  So 2.5 for one week, 5 for two weeks and now 7.5 for four days.  Sleep is still torturous.  I fall asleep but wake up an hour later and after that it’s drift in and out of sleep, mostly out, for the rest of the night.  Start to feel some anxiety about 4am and no sleep after that.  MMJ is now at 1.25 weight but thinking about holding that there for a bit. Sleep has been no better, no worse on lexapro so far but even the tiny reductions in the MMJ may be playing into that.  Right now the planis to stick with the lexapro and see if it brings any relief.  See my pcp Friday afternoon to discuss where we are going with the lexapro.  The lexapro makes me so fatigued I wind up having to lie down and rest just about every day in the afternoon, hoping that abates with time.  Thanks for your help and concern, most appreciate.

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