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My One Small Step Against Cymbalta.........

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    I have been on Cymbalta for several years and my doctor started weening me off 3 wks ago. I am now having symptoms that I don't understand

Posted 08 October 2009 - 05:34 PM

FYI to all ..................

Recently in our local paper (the Indianapolis Star...yes I am here in Lilly's hometown) was an article about prescription medication in general. It told how the consumer had to be aware of possible side effects and to always ask, ask, ask your doctors about them. It was a good article, with some good information but I felt there was something missing. I sent an email to the reporter who wrote the story. Here it is.....

I just finished reading your article RX for safety. While I found it had a lot of very good information, there was one thing that you failed to bring to the attention of your readers. When you tell your readers to ask their doctors about the medication they are prescribing, you are assuming that the doctors are aware of all the potential side effects. I was prescribed a drug 3 years ago. My doctor & I recently decided I should be weaned off of it. Doing the right thing, he thought, he weaned me off over a 3 week period. Two days after my last dose, I began having various symptoms (diarreha, nausea, extreme achiness all over, deep chest ache, headache, dizzy, light headed, unstable on feet, "brain zaps" (they have been the worst), insomnia, and emotional symptoms such as uncontrolable crying ). These symptoms were withdrawals. Right now I am on day 14 of withdrawals, and they have not yet let up. Three years ago, had I or my doctor researched withdrawal or even tapering in regards to this drug, we would have found nothing. The side effects and possible withdrawal effects were completely downplayed and no protocol given to the doctors for tapering off this drug. The last 2 weeks have been complete physical and emotional hell. I would not wish this on anyone.
My doctor is wonderful and I do not hold him responsible whatsoever. You might be wondering what drug I have been referring to. It is called Cymbalta. And the drug company that makes it, well....I think you know that answer. Thank you for your time.

I really did not think I would get a response, but I did !

Thanks for taking the time to write and for elucidating this point. I am sorry to hear of the difficulty that you had, which is especially stunning given that it sounds like your doctor even tried to prevent this eventuality. I am taking the liberty of forwarding this email and your subsequent ones to my colleague who covers Lilly. It is possible that he would be interested in speaking with you for a future story.

Regards and I hope that your situation improves soon.

The other email I sent to the reporter was the FDA Report (I've posted that link on here before) Even if I do not hear back from either of them again, at least I have made them aware of this horrible problem. I did, however, let the reporter know tha I would be happy to talk to either of them, anytime! Its a start!


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    Am trying to get off Cymbalta 30mg and wondering about brain zaps.

Posted 08 October 2009 - 05:37 PM

Yay! You rock!!



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Posted 05 December 2009 - 03:56 PM

Delete my account.

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