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What Did Not Work For Me and What Is Helping

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Posted 11 March 2008 - 10:13 AM

Every other day method does not work - it will put you into withdrawals every other day.

Dropping down from 30 mg to nothing. I did this on my old doctor's advice, and kept waiting, waiting and waiting to feel better. Cold turkey for 45 days.

My new doctor says that relief should come within a week off of Cymbalta if you have tirated correctly. You should feel more relief than "what the heck is happening to my brain". The second week should get better. If not, your brain chemistry is not readjusting by itself. You might need to seek out some help at this point. Do not suffer.

What Is Helping:

Going to see another doctor. It was on day 46 of cold turkey off of Cymbalta. Getting a low dose of another anti-depressant to balance me out. Celexa 20mg for one week. Now down to 10mg/day for this second week. It has been enough to make me feel like there is hope. And my new doctor thinks I can be off of this in a few weeks. Next week I will go down to 5 mg.

Accupuncture, had my first session yesterday. Feel very calm and peaceful, my husband even noted that I looked relaxed and at peace.

Will keep posting and hopefully be able to tell you that I am anti-depressant free. I have been off of Cymbalta now for 58 days after 3.5 years of taking it.

Be safe in your journeys people, the way I figure it, if you end up posting on this board, your withdrawal is going pretty crappy and you need the support of others here, GOOD doctors and healers and unfortunately, possibly some other anti-depressant at a low dose to get you through this. Others here report Prozac as a good "bait and switch you off of Cymbalta anti". Just be safe with it and don't suffer needlessly.

Some people do come off of Cymbalta and have little to no problems, I don't know any of them personally, I guess they don't feel the need to post on a forum such as this, because they are doing well. For the rest of us, make sure your doctor is aware, many are misinformed by Eli Lilly on how people need to come off of Cymbalta. Most doctors are not evil, they are just using the information given to them. Make them aware that there is a percentage of people who don't come off of this easily and don't let them talk you into more Cymbalta so you will "feel better". Insist on something else at a very low dose that is older and has less chance of a bad withdrawal. You already know what the withdrawal will be with Cymbalta, why put yourself through that again?

I hope that your personal experience in coming off of Cymbalta is as painless and quick as possible.

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