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Posted 12 March 2008 - 10:18 AM

Okay - I posted a blog on here about weaning from Cymbalta and the fear I had from it. Well...I didn't mention that the doctor that prescribe it to me was an urgent care physician within my doctors office - my doctor was not available that day. Anyway, I called my doctor after quitting cold turkey for 2 days and couldn't handle the way I felt anymore...brain zaps were horrible. So...he pulled me in his office.

He told me that first he calls Cymbalta 'Cymbarfa' - apparently people tend to vomit from this medication....thank God I didn't! Then he proceeded to tell me that it's one of the LEAST purest drugs on the market! Great...lovely! So...after hearing my concerns and the fear of going throuh withdrawals but wanting some assistance with the depression he switched me to Lexapro - 10mg.

I started taking it that same day. Guess what - mywithdrawal symptons stopped IMMEDIATELY! LExapro is one of the PUREST drugs on the market! I have had no side-effects from teh LExapro and no withdrawal effects from teh Cymbalta (been off Cymbalta for a month now).

Another plus of LExapro - since it is one of the purset on the market - there are little to no withdrawal effects when I'm ready to get off. THANK GOD! I have missed a pill or two and - nothing but a small headache was experienced...and tylenol took that away.

If your still having a hard time or worried about having a hard time getting off Cymbalta - try Lexapro. It did WONDERS for me! Hope it helps!

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