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Benzo's for weaning??

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Posted 03 April 2008 - 08:38 PM

:roll: I started cymbalta for nerve pain due to a c-section. After being on Paxil for many, many years When I switched my Np had me drop the paxil from 60-40. the first 2 weeks, then she added 30 mg of cymbalta/with the 40 paxil. Ten days, then, eventually down to 10mgpaxil to 30 cymbalta. I felt great like a light switch and the nerve pain was subsiding. After 2 weeks we went to 60 fot 4 weeks, then 90 for 10 days. Had to drop to 60 because it was too stimulating but the nerve pain was gone. Then I became almost anorexic dropping 15 lbs, sick at the sight of food, and still not eating that much on 30 mg for 10 days. I became flushing and chills out of no where. I didn't know if my quest to quit smoking had caused it, the change from lorazpam 2 mg per day, then xanax .5. I used up 4 mg per day while withdrawing on the 90 mg. Np said she couldn't give me any lorazpam so she gave me the xanax which I used maybe 4 days and stopped. I looked like I was dying. The Emergency Room Dr. gave me some lorazpam which was great. I'v been so withdrawn now on this drug and trying not to use more than 1 mg of lorazpam per day as prescribed by NP. Has anyone gotten through the withdrawals from say 3-6 mg lorazpam a day? I know it is drugging but it got me through the 90-60 drop. Then on the 60-30 drop I averaged 3mg lorazpam for 10 days. Now I've been on 30 mg for 8 days and still feel terrible but have increased appetite, decreased nausea. So now for the last 30mg. Should I ask to go back to the Paxil which kept my nerves even? I am thinking maybe not going to 60mg paxil as before but stay around 30-40mg. I hate prozax and don't want to add any other new drugs for the withdrawing. It isn't easy lying around withdrawing and using the lorazpam but it is the only option I had. I am post hsterectomy and have a history of dysthmia.

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Posted 03 April 2008 - 10:16 PM

Regarding what to change and what dosages to use, I know I can't help there. If you didn't have luck with Prozac, Sarah J used Celexa to help her with the withdrawals. I would continue to work with your doctor, because it sounds like you have multiple meds at work here, and it is hard to say what drug is doing what to you. Do you trust this doctor?

You can read the other posts to see what others have done to come off of Cymbalta, and that may give you some ideas for discussion with your doc.

I wish I could offer you more answers, I know how hard and scary this is.

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 10:09 AM

patches -

Many doctors prescribe benzo's for many different reasons. In addition to Celexa, I was prescribed Clonopin and it did help me at my worst moments of withdrawal. But, I do not take it every day, only at the times when it feels like "there is an elephant on my chest", or in medical terms, I guess you would call it a panic attack. Which, fortunately, I don't have too many of.

Try to take the lorazapam (or any of the benzo's) sparingly, my old doctor gave me that a few times, for me, it was kind of useless and made me groggy. Some doctors prescribe this daily and that is something to work out with your prescriber, mine prescribed Clonopin daily, but I voiced concern about it and she agreed that it was correct to only take it as needed.

As far as what to do with your other prescriptions, I hope that you are able to work with your doctor and decide on a plan that works for you, we are all indivudal.

And congratuations on quitting smoking -

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Posted 26 April 2008 - 09:56 AM

I'm curious as to how you are doing. If you are still taking the lorazpam. I'm about 12 weeks out and was just started on it a week ago 3 times a day for the severe anxeity I am having. Did it help you? Were you able to stop without any problems? I'm scard to death of this drug but I couldn't deal with the racing heart either that was causing severe anxiety attacks.

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