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Coping With Cymbalta Withdrawl

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Posted 21 May 2012 - 10:58 AM

Hi there,

I'm new here. I have never written on a discussion board before and am not even on facebook but I myself am going through the terrible withrawl after taking Cymbalta for five years and I hpoe the information I am about to give will help many of you.
I have suffered from severe anxiety since I was eight after suffering sexual abuse from a teacher. Many things have happened to me to add to this anxiousness over the course of my life - long story short - doc put me on Cymbalta.
I have decided to come off these meds as they were giving me an underactive thyroid which resulted in weigh gain and then sleep apnea (stop breathing during my sleep). I also found another way to GET TOTALLY RID OF MY ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION!!! Now I know you may be thinking that you have heard this before as anxiety sufferers scan all info we can looking for ways to get well and have probably come accross a few FIX IT solutions. (Please bear with me, I usually write better than this but the Cymbalta withdrawl is playing hell with me so as a result I am not as focused as I should be).

First of all I have been offf this drug now for about a week. I am vomiting, crying all over the place, getting angry, brain zaps glaore, dizzy spells, tantrums (rage) etc.....

To get through this please sit somewhere and look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself that this is only temporary. It is a normal process your body is going through and it will stabilize - I promise. I know how scary this can be. No matter your reason for taking the drug, withdrawl is similar for everyone!!!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!! you WILL return to normal. If you are using it for pain relief or to treat anxiety and depression there are other option out there for treating your condition.

To ease symptoms try relaxation to reduce adrenaline in your body. I turned my nose up at this for years, thinking it was a load of rubbish - bit it will help you. Go to the library or download some relaxation tracks and just give it a go. Also get gentle excercise - go for a walk. GET OMEGA 3 in your diet by eating oily fish or supplements. Drink plenty of water and have a small meal every three hours or so. REMEMBER - get support! We are going through a difficult time. Be kind to yourself but remember when you feel at your wits end tell yourself that this is only temporary and it will pass, you just have to dig in and hang on, ride it out.
TRY AND DISTRACT YOURSELF FROM YOUR SYMPTOMS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. The more you think about them the worse you will feel.

If you are having problems with anxiety and depression PLEASE google Charles Linden. You may have heard of him or you may have not. This programme will CURE your anxiety. I spent years looking for an answer. I have paid counsellors, therapists and doctors. No one can get rid of it. I class myself as an intelligent individual. I knew more than they did because of the extensive research I had done and when I questioned them they didnt like it. Too bad for them!!!

At my wits end I purchased The Linden Method and cried my eyes out when I watches it. I'm crying now (Cymbalta withdrawl lol). I couldnt believe what I was watching!!! I am not going to tell you what the program is because you need the pack they send you. Charles Linden is my hero. He is giving me back my life and Im grabbing it back with both hands full force!!!! His counsellors will be there when you need them on the phone to advise you and help you comply with the method. As he says "If you are human and suffer from high anxiety then this will work, without exception. The only reason for failure is non-compliance".
I have not met this man. I am not being paid to endorse his product. I am telling you what to do to recover from anxiety. Its up to you.
I no longer research my condition but I had to research Cymbalta withdrawl as Im having such a hard time. I no longer feel alone and my heart goes out to you all. I have a partner and a lot of family living close by but they do not support me. They just treat me with contempt. Well this is great motivation for getting well.

At times I need motivation and I always listen to Katie Perry's song - Firework.

Get Well - Hang in there, you'll shine and your colours will burst!!!!! Life is for living.

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    Finally ready to stop taking Cymbalta!

Posted 29 May 2012 - 04:03 PM

Thank you so much for this post!! I am going to look into Charles Linden ASAP.

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