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Has Anyone Heard Of Mucuna Pruriens And Lions Mane Mushroom

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Posted 23 October 2014 - 10:47 AM

Has anyone heard of these natural things?

I've been taking mucuna to get dopamine.  Since I'm feeling really flat since off C.      So far the mucuna has helped with the swallowing and hand issues.  Not so much for speech.  But only have been on it for 3 weeks.


Here is someone's experience from SSRI withdrawal regarding dysarthria (slurred speech).http://beyondmeds.co...oms-dysarthria/

She is recovered now, and a much younger woman than I.  Didn't say how long it took her to recover.


I had an MRI last week.  The neurologist wanted to test for Parkinsons (scary).  I know the C has damaged my CNS and PNS.   He says the C doesn't do that.  Hmmmm. I'm printing off the previous article to take with my next appointment.


Just ordered lions mane mushroom from Amazon.  It's supposed to be healing for brain and nervous system.  As my nervous system has been damaged,  There is NO cure for dysarthria.  At least I can't find it on the net.

It could take awhile. I'll keep you posted.  I'm getting desperate to get my life back!



Now that swallowing is easier, I can take fish oil and supplements again (yey!)


Has anyone else had damaged nerve issues on withdrawal?  I've been off C for over 7 months and I know it takes time for the brain to heal.  But up to 2 years? Don't know if I can hang in there that long.

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 09:02 PM

Today was pretty good.  Hand feels stronger.  Was able to hit some notes at church today.  Actually left a voice message on a friends phone!  Came home and had a cream puff.....then voice was bad again.  Was it the sugar?  Will keep monitoring things and let you know. 

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 10:11 PM



I'm happy to hear that your hand is getting better.  I know it is a slow process, but others have had these strange effects as well.  You should continue to improve, but I wish I could give you a time line.  There really isn't one.  As you know, it's over when it's over - and that is different for all of us.  


I wish you the best and please continue to keep us posted!


Love, hugs and prayers,

Liz :hug:


PS  I seriously doubt that it was the sugar! 

#4 Blackbird


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Posted 02 November 2014 - 11:04 PM

Thanks Liz,

Will have to quit my 'Googling'.  Strange diseases come up with each search.

I know this:  I will praise God if and when I can talk the way I used to.


Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers.


You're probably right about the sugar.  Maybe just tiredness.

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