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Beware -- The Shrinks Now Have Some New "disorders" For Which Anti-D's Are "essential"

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Posted 18 December 2014 - 10:00 AM

The pendulum may have swung too far in mental illness

The new DSM V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ) came out in 2013. It was funded primarily by big pharma, and their "researchers" and "medical experts" had a major say in what it contains...
I've had to do a lot of reading about this, the process for developing the revisions (to the old DSM IV), and who said/did what ... as part of my research job for the blind PhD student (neuropsychology major) ...
What I learned is that big pharma got them to add a whole new range of psychiatric "disorders" ... each of which requires use of antidepressants ... and each of which results in a vastly expanded use of these poisons, for "conditions" that are .... or used to be at least ... totally normal human feelings and physical states ...
And, it looks like the DSM V, and it's expanded evil, is now making its way into the media ... with articles touting these new "conditions" and the "benefits" of antidepressants to "cure" them ...
Grief ... normal human grief .. for the loss of a loved one ... or a pet ... is now a psychiatric disorder!!! (I'll find an article for this and post it)...

Pre-menstrual syndrome ... which wasn't even a "syndrome" until the DSM IV came out and included the expanded "category" ... it used to be a normal part of being a woman ... pre-menstrual aches and pains, and the "down" feelings that often come with it ... now a psychiatric disorder!!!!

Scientists believe low dose of antidepressant may prevent PMS in women

"Hoarding" ... anyone who has a lot of clutter ... not just those folks who end up on tv ... got a messy closet? keep too many old clothes? don't do your dishes often enuf? Well, take an antidepressant ...

My dad has chronic depression and has begun to hoard junk

The list goes on and on ... and, as you may have guessed, I'm infuriated ...

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Posted 18 December 2014 - 08:09 PM

Also, menopausal symptoms! Saw a commercial on the boob tube touting paroxetine (Paxil),with a fancy new name, instead of hormone therapy to deceive a shitload of innocent women! God help us!!

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Posted 19 December 2014 - 04:46 AM

Shady how are you?  Find a little holiday humour in that great wit of yours ' glad to see you posting

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