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Scientific Papers-- What's The Source Of The Funding?

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 07:30 AM

The internet is jam-packed with "scientific" and scientific-like studies on many things including antidepressants, and most of those studies have a purpose: to sell somebody something


Often the physician is the target of the 'scientific' sales pitch, and he or she passes the product on to you and I who have already bought into the benign mystique of the medical industry, and we are easy targets.


Therefore, regardless of what the 'study' or 'article' or 'scientific trial' or 'white paper' or 'new discovery' looks like, you must research the author or authors to learn who funded the work. Once you know who's paying, you have a better chance of understanding the underlying purpose of producing the work. Please do your homework on these scientific look-alikes.


I have read dozens of 'scientific' works on antidepressants, and MOST of the funding comes either directly-- where the MD, Psychiatrist, PhD, or researcher is on the payroll of Eli Lilly or Pfizer, or indirectly-- where the researchers are part of a broader organization (like a university) that receives grants from a pharmaceutical company or companies. Often the grant will go to an unrelated department within the university, but that doesn't fool anybody.


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Posted 31 December 2014 - 11:20 AM



And, even if the research / study itself isn't funded by big pharma, take the time to check further ... there's a very, very high probability that the researcher(s) has/have been funded by big pharma with a broad-based research grant... or, the academic department, school or university in which they do their research. Big pharma routinely "endows" professorships, academic chairs, entire research departments/schools. And they do so behind the scenes frequently .... they also have "charitable" foundations (Eli Lilly has a massive foundation) that give grants to "worthy causes" ... many of which are organizations related to illnesses/diseases that are being "treated" by their drugs ... yes, they give some money to "Suzie's Dance Academy for Precocious Tots" ... but that's just the window dressing ... Pharma gives out scholarships, massive ones, to "promising" scientists, etc.... why? Because the money corrupts/co-opts the young students early on in their academic pursuits ...


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Posted 31 December 2014 - 01:05 PM

You know when I first got out of school that was strictly forbidden. If a journal found out you (or your school) were attached in any way to a company that was affected by your research you would be banned from publishing. That changes big time around 1980. At first you did the research and after it was completed then the company would make a donation to the school. After that it was a small jump to 'let the money fly'.

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