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The Truth And Benefits Behind Non-Pharmaceutical Means Of Curing Depression And Anxiety

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Posted 22 May 2021 - 08:13 AM

For those of you that know me will be aware that I am familiar with substances that are viewed (somewhat discriminately) by the governments of the world and those controlling what we can and cannot take to benefit our respective ailments. Whilst I want to make it perfectly clear that I in no way condone the recreational use of such substances, I am here presenting a case for their use in micro-dosing (as a number of members have experienced) and to take their place in today's society as a means of benefiting, aiding and dare I say, curing depression, anxiety, OCD and the like.


I hide behind no barrier in saying that I myself use Kratom, a mild opiate plant-based substance, and do so to control my seizures - bought about by none other than Eli Lilly - the name behind Cymbalta, Prozac among others. I will also use it should I have difficulty relaxing to the point that my resulting actions could lead me to upset anyone or necessitate the intervention of an emergency service. In my opinion, this is what I consider a sensible use of such substances, and demonstrates my position in justifying their use.


I urge you all to watch the following video by Russell Brand; himself a sufferer of mental health, but speaks a mountain of truth regarding this subject. I welcome any comments and questions on the subject, but would like to post this so I can refer members to this when there is such discussion.




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