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Help for hot flashes, sweating & sleep

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    Looking for withdrawal help

Posted 27 January 2010 - 09:33 PM

I have been weaning for 6 weeks and have experienced all the symptoms described. Still am, but maybe this will help some. My Doc asked me if anything helped for the menopausal symptoms and it took me a while to remember as this was about 10 yrs ago. I found a soy supplement called estroven that had black cohosh in it and it gave me great relief, so I decided to try it again. Walmart has it and a new formulation called Estroven Nighttime. It also contains valerian root, other herbal substances and some vitamins and minerals. Best of all it is not expensive. I am taking 1 at night and 1 in the am, and am experiencing some relief with many symptoms, but the sweats and hot flashes are gone. I still get some chills, but the last few days have given me hope that I will get through this nightmare. The symptoms are milder and I no longer feel like killing someone. I drove yesterday and today for the first time in several weeks and that was great. I hope this will help some of you too. I am not a Doc or nurse, so you might want to check with yours to make sure it won't interfere with any other drugs you might be on. Good Luck to all of you.

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    missed 3 days of cymbalta; on the way home from work I dont remember driving thru neighborhood, became unconscious, drove up the sidewalk, hit 2 trees and then woke to the car wobbling thru the bushes... thats why u dont want to miss a dose

Posted 10 November 2010 - 09:03 PM

these hot flashes, night sweats and chills r over the top> like the commercial; clap on! clap off! Its more like: clothes on! clothes off! Horrible!!! i dress lightly and keep a blanket nearby. I'm either swaddled in the blanket or its thrown to the side and i"m fanning myself DESPERATELY. Today is day 10

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    I want off CYMBALTA yesterday but am doing a slow withdraw

Posted 11 November 2010 - 03:56 PM

Yeah I am 5 days off cymbalta after a 3 month taper. The sweats are pretty much gone but I cannot get warm. I live in Canada and it is just cold this time of year to boot. Then feeling chilly contributes to my anxious feelings. I am just bundling up and trying to warm up again and if this were the worst symptom I would be laughing. Ah heck, I may as well laugh and see if it helps this anxiety anyway.
Best wishes,

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Posted 03 January 2011 - 03:43 AM

Thanks for this valuable Information and tip....good work!!!

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    I'm getting free of antidepressants!

Posted 03 January 2011 - 03:18 PM

Just a quick note...
I'm taking Evening Primrose Oil and finding some relief from the nightsweats and hot flashes.

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Posted 18 August 2011 - 08:08 PM

this is exactly what i was looking for!
hi, i'm new here. i was on c. for 7-1/2 weeks, weaning ON to it with 30 mgs week one, then 60 the rest of the time. i went cold turkey BECAUSE of the horrific sweating and severe skin problems (more on that later) that signal an allergic reaction. i was also worried about my liver because i was already on a fairly high dose of ketoconazle(for adrenal disorder) that requires liver enzyme tests every two months. my primary prescribed c. because the celexa was just not covering the depression that chronic pain (and family issues) were bringing.
i don't blame her, i know how the drug reps work. folks, it's the PHARMACISTS who have the drug info, that's their job. my fault i didn't grill the pharmacist, because this crap sounded custom designed for me. yesterday i found this site
that helped me realize just how many side effects i really had. what was really frightning was the mention of a rare but potentially deadly skin disease, but that's paranoia (which i seem to have in droves right now).
sorry. stick to the subject.
i'm 52, and was lucky to have finished menopause by the age of 46. i also took rejuvex or estroven (i don't think it's new) and i think it helped with the night sweats/hot flashes which was the worst of it for me-- but my pain problems had begun, along with a mis-diagnosis (HMOs suck), so i was pretty miserable from that. since i'm still suffering from cold sweats ( it's been steadily in the upper nineties and triple digits F) not nearly as bad, and the hyperhidrosis is gone. my poor skin still feels as though it's been run through a cheese grater, and was actually broken around my inner ankles. forget itching, it BURNED! i made it worse using ivory soap, not knowing until a couple of days ago that it was actually a harsh soap. what really got me going about my skin was at the 10 day point, i went in (don't laugh!) for my second tattoo. i have one for each granddaughter.
this time the artist asked me if i had any immunulogic problems (i forgot what else) because " it's like i've been working on you for a long time, and i've only started" of course there was no going back, but there was absolutely no pain, no itchiness (from the tat) none of the usual stuff. i've lost ink, though, and on sunday already have to have it re-touched.
so here are my helpful dos and don'ts for skin itchiness, at least today:
cortizone (tons of it) for 2-4 days is helpful, but drying.
benedryl is helpful, unless you are already unable to function.
don't take baths, only showers, water is very drying. if you don't have a shower, try oatmeal (aveeno) baths, or similar natural product.
don't use shower gel products. the scent adds the the problem, i found the moisturizers in the one i used
seemed to clog my pores, making the sweating worse.
DON'T use ivory soap! it may be 99-44/100% pure or whatever, but googling it, it's also very good for acne.
DO use dove bar soap. unscented is best.
TONS of EUCERINE original lotion. i was directed to it many years ago when i was sunburned, with a small oil burn (don't ask) on my face, and a topical vitamin E allergy. be sure you get the original, and get the lotion. the cream is too hard to rub in on this delicate skin.
i'm sorry this post (my first!) is so long!! this has been a terrible withdrawal, even though i know that psycotropics take awhile, i never would have guessed this. it's wonderful to find you guys, i hope my trial and errors help even one person. i hope the link works... have to remember that side effects are often the same things we suffer through during withdrawal.
i had bloodwork for the adrenal thing a couple of days ago. should be interesting to get the results.

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