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can i quit taking 60mgs of cymbalta cold turkey?

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#1 lindsay7



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Posted 13 April 2008 - 09:15 PM

i was on 90mgs and jumped from there to 60 and went through a week or more of hell, ive been feeling alot better and now i was wondering if i can just quit all together???? has anyone just quit taking that amount of cymbalta cold turkey and how was ur experience???

get at me ASAP

#2 schmb01


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Posted 13 April 2008 - 11:15 PM

No. Do not just stop taking 60 mg, or you risk some pretty nasty withdrawal.

Please read through the posts about weaning off of Cymbalta, and take it seriously. Also, do not do the every other day thing.

Is your doctor aware that you are coming off of this? If you have a good relationship with him/her, it is best to keep them in the loop, just in case you need some medical support at some point in the process. If they are not aware that you are stopping, they won't be prepared to help you, and you will have wasted some valuable time.

The safest and most comfortable way to come off is to wean very slowly. Read through the posts, and let us know if you have specific questions regarding the weaning process. This is a great group of supportive people, and everyone is here to help you.

#3 Sarah J

Sarah J

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Posted 14 April 2008 - 08:14 AM

lindsay7 - welcome, the fact that you feel better now at the 90 to 60 jump is an excellent sign! Yes, you said it was hard, but your brains were readjusting now they have and you feel good. Dropping doses and feeling good at the new one for a couple of weeks is how a good decrease should be, it means your brains are working with you.

My old doctor took me from 30 to cold turkey. Note the word old doctor. I can't imagine dropping from 60 to nothing.
I hope you are working with your doctor on this, Cymbalta is pretty potent.

Some people get down to the lower doses and are just plain tired of the withdrawal effects and jump off and come out fine, but those people did it at much lower doses than 60. In fact, I don't remember any posts where somebody came off of 60 to nothing and had a good experience. Unless your doctor needs you to come off fast for a reason you haven't stated here, you are pregnant, etc. Take it easy on yourself and drop down, stay there at a couple of weeks feeling good then go down further.

You didn't say how long you had taken this for. But you do need to figure, it took about 6 weeks for it to take over in your brain chemistry, so it unfortunately is only right to assume that it will take a few weeks to get it out and return to balance.

I do hope that you are off of Cymbalta soon, but life is about feeling good emotionally and physically. Your story will be different from anybody elses. Come here and post, about any questions, how you are feeling, or just to welcome somebody new.

Look back at the older posts and PM those people with questions, I am sure they would be happy to help another over to the other side!

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