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Stopping Cymbalta, Starting Effexor

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 08:40 PM

I am stopping Cymbalta because my insurance will not authorize any more prescriptions and starting Effexor. I am new to all these things and I don't know what to do. Is this a good thing? My doctor isn't much help. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    cymbalta 'bout to kill me!

Posted 29 January 2012 - 02:29 AM

Hi Rachael,

You did a good thing for yourself in asking for help on this site. The people here are learned in the effects of cymbalta and are caring and open with information...You say you are "stopping" cymbalta. When? what dose are you on now and how long have you been on it? Was it working for you? Is the insurance coverage the cause for you to stop this drug? And, who recommended effexor? your Doctor? The answers to all these questions will help the more senior members here to answer your questions better and they will, someone who has been on here a long time will answer soon...in the meantime, read thru this site and the journeys the other members here have gone and are going thru. This site is a fabulous resource and wealth of info...

What specifically helped me thru the worst of my journey was the supplements and this site and you can read most of my journey all under one thread here:
Every person is different and responds differently to the psych drugs...each persons withdrawal is uniquely their own ordeal...so generalizations really arent going to fit, there are some withdrawal symptoms that seem common and pervasive with many of us though..the worst of these for me was the rages, uncontrillable rages, and the zaps...still get those and think I may permanently have a mild form of restless leg syndrome...so fed up with docotrs I havent made an appt to get checked out yet...
what is most important here for you is educating yourself and also making sure you dont take both those drugs at once!! A lot of people here have used prozac short term to help them thru the worst of the withdrawal from the cymbalta,,, but effexor is a different kind of anti depressant stronger, newer. I tried it some years ago when I was going thru a really rough patch with my childrens father, and I can tell you effexor scared the hell out of me! I had only taken the pills for maybe three days...I was laying in bed next ot him, but miles apart,... laying there, very calm, and very seriously contemplating killing him.!! 'Just go into the kitchen, get a big knife - he's sleeping, and wont defend himself at least the first blow or two- it'll be easy and everyoen will be so much happier, safer and things will jkust be so much better without him here'....calm as a lake that looks like glass were all these thoughts!! I had felt intense rage for him before, and overwhelming anger, resentment and even hatred...but this, this was like nothing ever before...so cold, and CALMly considering murder of my childrens father...needless to say, this scared the daylights out of me, I flushed the pills and went into the kitchen and drank warm milk while some camomile tea was steeping...I drank both, took two xanax and made myself go to sleep! effexor was not the med for me....I know that it does work for some without homicidal thoughts occurring for them, but I would be very careful with that drug... please!

And, if your doctor isnt a help, and isnt informing you and answering your questions, then please seek a different doctor ... one who will answer your questions, to your satisfaction. please get the information to make educated decisions for yourself... the members here can help you, and I think if you read thru this site, and even my thread I gave you the link to will all help you to learn more of what to expect in coming off the cymbalta and how to minimize the negatives.... and please research effexor thoroughly before starting it. Best of luck to you!

"Wisdom cannot be bought with money - it can only be acquired through living life. With wisdom comes strength, courage, knowing, and an ever-increasing peace." ~ Rhonda Byrne

Best to you,

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