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Other Antidepressants after Cymbalta

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#1 Holly


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Posted 04 August 2008 - 04:49 PM

I took 10 mgs. of Celexa for three days last week, (during week one of withdrawals) and it did help with some of the symptoms, but added its own. Emotional numbness, mostly. I had to concentrate at work, though, and this was the only way. Anti-depressants have helped me over the years and I would never advise that all anti-depressants are without merit, or never "needed." Cymbalta, however, is another story. This stuff isn't right.

#2 BigMommaa



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    because I have had alot of problems taking ths pill

Posted 05 August 2009 - 12:29 PM

this sounds alot like me .i asked my Dr. for another pill but after he prescribed it to me I was lerry about taking it
each day I was off my cymbalta my husband would ask me if I started taking the new pill. I wasn't because I didn't want to keep feeling the way i was.
but he was tiered of me being mean and jumping down his throat I tried not to but I just could not help it. i feel like i don't really know how i feel one minute i'm ok the next i'm either screeming or crying. i really don't know what to do

#3 Houdi


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    I have been a member that you have knock off 3 times. I have withdrawn from Cymbalta and supported forum members that are in withdrawal. Find my old posts. I have pleaded with you to clean up this forum, and my thanks is you erasing me....three times! Thanks a lot! I come back here to pay forward what others did for me. You are quite disrespectful to the members of your forum that support others while you let the spammers take over! Shame on you after you started this for a good reason. Is it money now?

Posted 05 August 2009 - 02:02 PM


What medication did your MD prescribe for you? How long have you been off Cymbalta? What dose of Cymbalta did you discontinue?

BigMomma, you have to do what is right for you. This has to be your decision and what you want for yourself. It's hard for those of us that have withdrawal symptoms. But, once you know you aren't alone, and part of what you are feeling is our normal, you'll actually feel better. I was such a zombie on Cymbalta. I really looked forward to having feelings, extreme feelings even. I had to learn to deal with my feelings. It's good. And sometimes I'm not happy. I am grouchy. And that is ok.

So, tell your hubby you love him. Ask him to give you a little extra patience, let him know how hard this is, and get a BIG hug. You'll probably cry when he hugs you, so tell yourself and him it's cuz you're happy and relieved and it is the new reality for a little while. If you want to do this, you get to not be perfect. It's ok not to be perfect.

Look forward to hearing from you....Houdi

#4 IamAwesome



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    I'm on my 5th day getting off of Cymbalta.

Posted 06 August 2009 - 08:56 AM


How are you doing today?

Take time in making your decisions and research what your doctor recommends. You are the only one who knows where you stand. Even the doctors and drug companies state that they don't know exactly how their products work but that there seems to be such and such effect for people suffering from XYZ issues of depression. Take control of your health and perform your due diligence before starting another medication.

I have done a lot of studying, research and learned alot over the past year. I personally have taken myself off of the drugs so I can be free and healthy.

I have come to realized that many of the issues I was having was due to my poor self esteem. I have learned to not think in a negative manner and stand up more for myself.

After the withdrawals of the Cymbalta are over I can begin my new life, "anti-psychotics" free. I'

#5 nursedeborah



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    I am reallly trying to get off Cymbalta, and not having, well I am having nightmares even with the decreased does, and clanging in my head.

    I just found this site, and I really need help, I can't do this, I fear I willl never get off this brutal medication.

    Deboreah Wesson

Posted 18 August 2009 - 11:26 AM

I have not yet gotten to even start my new anti depressant as I was decreassing my Cymbalta in half, and had such awful symptoms.
I so want off this crap,and to not feellike a rock, yes to feel something other than what I have been feeling for so long, nothing but
fear,panic, and anixety.

So now I am back up to my 60 mg per day, and started Tegretol also. I am not sure about anythign at all.

I will have to stay with someone to come off the Cymbalta as it is to terrifying to have the withdrawls alone.
Just the 30mg decrease about made me go insane.

I think the company should be sued


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    I am a sufferer of depression and GAD.

Posted 24 August 2009 - 01:39 AM

I wonder if the company is aware of the horrific withdrawal probs so many of us are having? *rubs chin*

#7 mysticcherokee


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    I tried to commit suicide obviously unsuccessfully, shortly beofre starting a New doctor taperd from this drug, (just jumped off) and Ive strong feelings about it.

Posted 11 October 2009 - 08:48 AM

No, Holly, this stuff isnt right, at all. Id venture to say many arent posting, because they cant. Im afraid to try ANY thing new, or old. Ive fibromyalgia and a host of other painful things, as well as emotional that comes along with a 30 year pain syndrome. Im lucky to find anything anymore. My brain hurts. Do you notice how few posts I have? Thats because the registration process confused me so much I gave up. Not the site, ME! Tried to register today, to be told that this info was being used. Clicked"forgot my pw" and here I am. Ive lived with the fog waxing and waning many years, but this year has been precedent setting in hang time. My brain hurt, so I went to the ER. The cat scan showed severe accelerated brain atrophy. Ill probably have early onset Alzheimers, a fifty year old woman. Yes, I feel theres a direct causal relationship between this and the Cymbalta use/withdrawal Hell. Ill reiterate, people are probably not posting as much because they CANT, too confused, hurting. Good luck ALL, please lets get it banned. If not for me (you), then someone else.........Just one, and itll be worth it!Mystic(not so much)

#8 nursedeborah



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    I am reallly trying to get off Cymbalta, and not having, well I am having nightmares even with the decreased does, and clanging in my head.

    I just found this site, and I really need help, I can't do this, I fear I willl never get off this brutal medication.

    Deboreah Wesson

Posted 11 October 2009 - 11:58 AM

Remember that the withdrawls from the Cymbalta, and just being on it are like what you
I decided to go on Prozac, as I read on here that's what helps so much with the withdrawls.
I am still, well today is better, but when I do a decrease, after several days hit a wall, and
have withdrawl symptoms.

This last time it didn't hitt me for 9 days, and lasted 6 days. I was an emotional mess. I
also have some very personal stuff going on right now with my income ontop of everything else!!

Hang in there ride it out, it just takes time. We are all here for support.

This is not a good place to post, this is for nutrition, try WeANING OFF cYMBALTA so others
see you.


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